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Kalahari Micron

Kalahari Micron

Water-based decorative paint can recreate the nuances of sand created by the wind in the fascinating Kalahari Desert. The selected grains of very fine sand, surrounded by mixtures of colours on metal bases, create an unparalleled metallic sand effect on the wall.

Suitable for all environments, this is a washable paint that can be painted over with water-based paints at any time. "KALAHARI MICRON" is available in five metallic bases "ARGENTO 01, ORO 02, ALLUMINIO 03, BRONZO 04, RAME 05" and the basic "NEUTRAL 00". The available colours are obtained by mixing one of the "KALAHARI MICRON" metallic base with the indicated dose of dye paste called "COLOR KIT" or alternatively with the RIVES Tinting System. The special iridescent colours, "IRIDE ORO 428, IRIDE BLU 426, IRIDE ROSSO 429" and "IRIDE VERDE 427" are obtained by mixing "KALAHARI MICRON NEUTRO 00" with the indicated dose of the additive called "METAL KIT".

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